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Handcrafted Animals | Antigua Guatemala

These colorful animals were crafted in Antigua Guatemala, in one on the various workshops

You really know the definition of culture? There are sociologists who have countless definitions for this little word. It is so vast that if they ask me, what is the culture of Guatemala? I could not answer with certainty. If I can be 100% certain is in the affirming attitudes that we have as Guatemalans. Social behavior throughout the history of Guatemala, have not changed that much. They are habits, songs, dances, fairs and so on which make a complete culture. The joy of living these events, the fact that in our country we can just enjoy them as these events really are,  and hearing the stories of our grandparents, all of that is what makes our Guatemalan culture rich and beautiful for us “Chapines”.

The first Guatemalan image I have, with which I can relate to anywhere in the world is our Guatemalan food. If I see fried plantains with black beans and scrambled eggs, I feel  my beautiful Guatemala. Not to mention the typical foods more elaborate as the pepián, kakik, Jocon among others. Let’s not forget about our sweets like “canillitas de leche” (milk candy), tamarind, marzipan (a confection made of almonds reduced to a paste with sugar and often molded into various forms) and many more. All these foods can be seen in the traditional Guatemala fairs. By the way, when you go to a fair it not just about the food. Among the many attractions you can enjoy foosball,  the ferris wheel and the shooting gallery – which is one of my favorites.

A huge part of the Guatemalan Culture are the festivities of the first of November, “The day of the dead.” We do a family lunch and the main course is the “fiambre”. It consists of a salad of sausages and meats of all kinds with vegetables in a sort of vinaigrette. It is a traditional dish that is prepared that day only because it is very elaborate and definitely delicious.

So what Gives? What makes up Guatemalan Culture?

All these traditions make our Guatemalan culture. They make us love our land that we miss when we’re away. There are so many more aspects and details of our Guatemalan culture that make us unique to the world. We have so many peculiarities as Guatemalans that I’ll keep sharing with you.

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