Guatemala Volcanoes

Volcano | "Volcan de Agua"

One of the over 30 Volcanoes in Guatemala. “Volcan de Agua”

An Active Volcano Landscape

When visiting Guatemala can not help but notice these gigantic mountains that blend with the road. It is a mountainous country and its one of the beauties of this Central American country. When you are in Guatemala City and have an unobstructed view to the south-west, you’ll appreciate the majesty of the “Volcan de Agua” (Volcano of Water). This giant is 3766 mt high but not the highest point of the country . Nowadays there about 33 volcanoes are known in our country with more than 233 volcanic sources. Guatemala is one of the countries with the most volcanic activity in the world. Its not as dangerous as it sounds.  I can say that there are only a few that are active volcanoes and erupting. The first thing I might mention is the small “Volcan de Pacaya”. A volcano that is not more than 50 miles from Guatemala City and can be scaled in an hour. It is a national park in the country and an interesting adventure.

In the same way that you can visit the  ”Volcan de Pacaya”, you can visit the rest of volcanoes as that all have their respective beauty and attractiveness. The “Volcan de Agua” is one of the highest in Guatemala. As you go up the crater you will see a chapel made of the same volcanic rock. In the “Volcan de Ipala” you can swim in the lagoon in its crater there. From the top of each volcano you can appreciate the other volcanoes and of course the beautiful green and hilly landscape of our country.

The “Volcan de Tajumulco” is the highest in the country and in Central America at 4220 meters.  An adventure for hiking and camping, frequented by many people who practice these activities.

Other important volcanoes of our country are the twin volcanoes of  ”Acatenango” and “de Fuego” (Fire).  “Acatenango” is the third highest of Guatemala and the “Volcan de Fuego” is one of the active volcanoes that we have in our country. At the shores of Lake Atitlan we see the “Volcan de San Pedro“, the ”Volcan Toliman” and the “Volcan Atitlan”. Theses three volcanoes that decorate this beautiful lake and make it one of the most visited tourist sites of Guatemala. Each volcano in our country has its own adventure and all are sights to many interests, adventure, photography, rest, etc. ..

One more of the many reasons to visit our country, so you know, if you come to Guatemala and do not want to do nothing more than climbing volcanoes,you have 33 sites where to visit.

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